Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Whimsical Wednesday-Week 10

Hi friends!

This week I'm going to be at a camp working with 7-11 year old kids, so if you notice a little lack on social networking in that would be why!

Anyway, I decide before camp to collect some great craft ideas that I could keep on me while at camp.

I'm not sure that all of this will work out the way I hope and there will be a lot of other crafts at camp, but it's nice to have a few ideas.  We'll see what happens!

These necklaces are so adorable, and look so easy as well!

Last year the kids were in love with lanyards, so these tutorials are great!

Aren't these friendship bracelets gorgeous!?!  I wish mine turned out like that!

Aw these are so sweet!  You could make them awesome for so many different reasons!

Ah a camp scavenger hunt!  How amazing!

We made a banner a bit like this for our room, I love banners!

This is so fun, not practical for my needs but this is such a fun project! Love!

Ah, finger puppets!  Who doesn't love finger puppets!

So there we have it.  Keep camp in your prayers this week, we're reasonably close to a fire and we need all the help we can get!



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