Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thankfully Thrifted Thursday

Good morning my loves and welcome to the new home of Hairbows and Butter!

So far I'm loving the switch to blogger, you can now follow me via Google Friend Connect! How fun!

I also set up ads with Passionfruit, so we can swap if you're up for it! I'll be doing a sponsor feature as well as a giveaway within the next month!

Now on to what we should be talking about today! Don't you love this dress! I picked it up at Savers. It had an elastic band around the bottom which doesn't flatter my shape, so I had my mom pull it out, I love it now, it's perfect. However the belt is incredibly important, it wouldn't have much shape at all without it (belt from Goodwill).

The thing about thrifting is that it's not a guarantee. You have to be persistent, check out several stores over multiple weeks until you find the winner! Someways you just get lucky, other days are just horrible. Keep thrifting lovelies!

Now for what I'm thankful for :)

I am thankful for family that trusts me.

I am thankful for the opportunity to make a difference.

I am thankful for the wonderful, supportive blogging community.

I am thankful for nights off.

I am thankful for sharing struggles with friends, and learning that were not alone, we all have battles.

Have a lovely Thursday!


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