Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Whimsical Wednesday-Week 5

So I have the keys to my new apartment!  I'm super excited, it's so beautiful and lovely (I'll share pictures once there is stuff in there and it's organized a bit :)).

Moving, of course, means that there needs to be a housewarming party!  My roommate and I have already chatted (briefly, but long enough) about making that party mustache themed because, well, mustaches are AWESOME!

I'm super excited, hopefully we'll have a party in a few weeks and I can share some of pictures with you!

So this week I collected a few mustache ideas for the party, so be prepared what you are about to experience is MUSTACHE MADNESS!

Attaching a mustache to a straw, how genius!  (No link, I think someone just took a picture of a magazine page...)

I believe that is a mustache ring which is amazing, AND the little tiny mustache on her finger nail is so adorbs I love it! (Don't think I have the talent to accomplish that however...)

I love this idea!  Attaching a mustache to hang from some sunglass, perfect for a photo booth situation.

These finger tattoos (maybe stickers?) from Urban Outfiters are amazing.  It's the perfect way to give everyone a mustache for the night :)

Cookies!  So here's the deal, I'm horrid at making sugar cookies and there is no way mine would ever look like this, but they certainly are amazing!

This little mustache necklace is perfect :)  So cute and classy!

A great way to have some fun, put a mustache on a cup.  This one is from Urban Outfitters, but I'm sure I can do it myself :)

And last but not least, no party of mine would be complete without cupcakes, so why not go for the mustache cupcakes! (The little monocle is too cute!)

This is making me so excited!

Excuse me...I have to go start planning my party :)



Saturday, May 26, 2012

Soundtrack Saturday-Gotye

I'm sure you've heard this song before, it's been everywhere for a while now but  I still just love it.

For me it's such an uplifting song, I love to listen to it when I need a little boost, so if you're looking for something a little bit uplifting you have come to the right place.


Have a wonderful Saturday!



Friday, May 25, 2012

Weekly wrap up

Hi friends!

To be honest, this week was not quite as lovely as others have been.  There has been a lot happening and I haven't really felt "pretty" all week, I've just been off!

So I got in a car accident on Friday (I really don't recommend it!)  So I've been car shopping all week long which is just exhausting really.  There have been tears, and laughter and a 14 hour work day (with lots of jokes and slap happy laughing).

Overall, the laughter is more powerful than the tears and joy prevails (as long as you let it).

Thrifty, thrifty, thrifty!  I was so excited about this dress!  I bought it at my local thrift store and knew I had the perfect accessories for it at home!  I had a party to go to Friday night and I wanted to look awesome! (Dress from Savers, Belt from Goodwill, Leggings from Kohls, Boots from Savers...I love thrifting!) Part of the Working Closet's 30 days of getting dressed challenge.

Last Friday the Colorado governor came to my office to sign the Film Incentive Bill which will hopefully creative more jobs in television and film in Colorado. *fingers crossed*  It was so cool to see history happening in my own backyard.

Speaking of that party, it was at a Mexican restaurant, doesn't this just make you hungry?  SO yummy!

Before going out, however, I hung out with the coolest 11 year old ever (the girl I mentor) she and I played Uno while drinking coffee and smoothies.

At my birthday party (that was shared with two other birthdays) we played croquet!  I wanted to play badminton or volleyball but I couldn't find a net, croquet ended up being awesome anyway :)

Two occasions meant two outfits.  The one on the left for my outdoor party, the one of the right for a night a of swing dancing!

Oh fun!  I love swing dancing!  It's my favorite thing, we had such a great time!

A casual outfit for a casual day of training for a week at Royal Family Kids Camp.

My friend took me out for frozen yogurt (a week after my birthday).  The tables were white board tables and I had to write something, so since it was technically a birthday treat I figured I would just go with it. :)

Another getting dressed photo, just another day.

I had to run an errand for my sister and it sent to one of the most gorgeous parts of Denver.  I love all the big, old houses, they are so pretty!

My 14 hour work day was fun!  I got to do some food staging.  Doesn't this watermelon look delicious?

Before the day on set we had a meeting at the Denver Film Center.  I love my job!  It's so fun to have staff meetings in a movie theater!  (Free popcorn is pretty great too :))

So there you have it.  As I've said the best part about Instagram is allowing me to see the beauty if the world around me, even when my week isn't so amazing, and looking through everything it reminds me that my life is amazing even when I forget!



Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Whimsical Wednesday-Week 4

Is it weird that most of this post is via IKEA?  If it is, I'm sorry, if it's not then you found the right place!

Denver just got it's first IKEA about a year ago and I'm still fascinated by it and love making trips there.

I also just found out that I will for sure be moving out on June 1 so it's time to get serious about collecting items for my own apartment!  It' so exciting.

So let's be honest, if you don't like IKEA you really don't need to read on.  If you want to see what I love at IKEA then please continue.  IF you love IKEA as well then for sure you have found a home!

These little ottomans are amazing!  I love the vintage look they have!

So I just bought this duvet cover from IKEA.  I love the dots and it's so versatile, I can use whatever color sheets I want!  (I'm thinking green or bright blue...)

This bookshelves is amazing, and would be so easy to build! (Couldn't find a link for this one :/)

I love this lamp (can you tell that I love polka-dots?).  Also from IKEA, could either match or clash with my duvet cover.

I don't know if you've seen it, but painted jars/vases are super in!  I hope to make some for my new place :)

ORGANIZATION!  This is so amazing and is so not my strong suit.  I bought some of these jars from IKEA for flour and sugar, I really need to have the best of intentions (and actions) for keeping my food organized! (No link, but the containers are from IKEA).

And my favorite piece, this rug!  I love it, I bought it, it's only 19.99 from IKEA.

If my apartment looks they way I envision it then I will be so excited.  I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my apartment goals/dreams!

I'll have to take you on a tour of the place sometime, maybe in vlog form?  We'll cross that bridge when we come to it :)

Have a wonderful week!



Saturday, May 19, 2012

Soundtrack Saturday-Jon Foreman

So, not going to lie, I kind of flip-flopped a bit about posting this video.  I don't want to be shy about what I believe but I also don't want it to be the main content of the blog.  However, after a long (and by long I mean 14 hours on my feet) day or work and having to ditch out on church, this was the first song I ran towards.

It was wonderful, God and I had my own little moment in my car, we always do with this song.  I love that Jon Foreman sings the Lord's Prayer at the end of the song, I think it's so powerful.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!


Have a great weekend!



Friday, May 18, 2012

Weekly wrap up

So we're back and I'm sure you're sick of me saying this but this was a wonderful, beautiful week!  Nothing helps to teach you how loved you are better than a birthday!  People band together to celebrate with you and love on you.

I had a great week of outings, great food and drink and fabulous community!

I am so blessed!

Check out the beautiful flowers for sale at Whole Foods.  I didn't buy anything, but like any devoted Instagramer I did stop for a photo :)

After work on Friday I went out for a coffee, I loved the flower on the table :)

Birthday party prep (I'm the nerd who bakes my own cupcakes).  That right there my friends is a lot of cream cheese, butter and sour cream, I'm making about 60 cupcakes for the weekend!

My niece and nephew stayed at my parents house on Saturday night, what a cute moment they had on Sunday morning.  They're kind of my favorite.

I love when I get to snuggle a bit with my niece.  She's such a sweetie!

I did some gluten free baking and what a smashing success!  They actually rose!  (Recipe coming in June :))

Here are those same gluten free cupcakes nice and frosted.

Working Closet challenged us to a 30 day "get dressed" challenge.  This was day one (conveniently my birthday, so I totally wanted to look adorable anyway!  Can you believe that dress is from a thrift store, love!)

My sister took me out to lunch and grabbed me this finger tattoos from a vending machine.  So much fun to be had!

Look at how crafty my co-worker is!  She made this bouquet for me out of duct tape for my birthday!

All the wonderful treats I got on my birthday :)

The wonderful people who went out for birthday drinks with me.

Get dressed day 2

Get dressed day 3 (playing with stripes, I think it works).

I got to do some shopping!  I'm moving out, hooray!  Check out all those towels (I bought everything for my bathroom this week at Ross and TJ Maxx, score!)

A delicious birthday treat with my wonderful friend.  Thank you Keegan Gerhard!

Get dressed day 4

My sister and I out at my birthday dinner, I posted this picture a bit late.

Ah what a week!  It's been so busy but so wonderful, I wouldn't trade it for the world.  There is so much more to come!

I hope you had a beautiful week as well, and if not then I hope that next week you can find joy even in just the small things. Enjoy!









Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Whimsical Wednesday-week 3

Another week and more beautiful ideas to share with you!

There is so much to love!  I thought about picking a theme but I was inspired by hair, cupcakes and tutorials this week so I decided to just leave it as a grab bag.

Here goes nothing!

The plan is to attempt to do this for my birthday part y hair.  We'll see if it turns out or not :)

These drawer shelves are amazing!  Now if only I could get my hands on some vintage drawers (and not a whole dresser...)

Yum!  Fudgesicles, too many calories?  I think not, these are just coconut milk, cocoa and bananas.  Yum!

I found the blog Sincerly, Kinsey this week and fell in love.  I want to try all of her projects but especially the above (how cute is that!) and the two below (I already ordered tiny glass jars :)



How cute are these!  They definitely inspired me to throw a mustache themed welcome home party!

I'm hoping to get a tattoo within the next month or two.  I really like this placement.

And I've always wanted one on my foot :)

Look at how cute this braid is!  I love the pink hue (although I'm more of a blue/purple girl myself).  Some colored tips may be in my future (even if it's just a tint I don't think I could do whole head.)

There you have it!

Welcome to the wonderful, spazy world of my brain.  I wish I could do everything all at once.  Hopefully I'll get some of those crafts completed and show off the results to you!

Have a wonderful week.


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