Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Whimsical Wednesday-Week 5

So I have the keys to my new apartment!  I'm super excited, it's so beautiful and lovely (I'll share pictures once there is stuff in there and it's organized a bit :)).

Moving, of course, means that there needs to be a housewarming party!  My roommate and I have already chatted (briefly, but long enough) about making that party mustache themed because, well, mustaches are AWESOME!

I'm super excited, hopefully we'll have a party in a few weeks and I can share some of pictures with you!

So this week I collected a few mustache ideas for the party, so be prepared what you are about to experience is MUSTACHE MADNESS!

Attaching a mustache to a straw, how genius!  (No link, I think someone just took a picture of a magazine page...)

I believe that is a mustache ring which is amazing, AND the little tiny mustache on her finger nail is so adorbs I love it! (Don't think I have the talent to accomplish that however...)

I love this idea!  Attaching a mustache to hang from some sunglass, perfect for a photo booth situation.

These finger tattoos (maybe stickers?) from Urban Outfiters are amazing.  It's the perfect way to give everyone a mustache for the night :)

Cookies!  So here's the deal, I'm horrid at making sugar cookies and there is no way mine would ever look like this, but they certainly are amazing!

This little mustache necklace is perfect :)  So cute and classy!

A great way to have some fun, put a mustache on a cup.  This one is from Urban Outfitters, but I'm sure I can do it myself :)

And last but not least, no party of mine would be complete without cupcakes, so why not go for the mustache cupcakes! (The little monocle is too cute!)

This is making me so excited!

Excuse me...I have to go start planning my party :)



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