Friday, May 11, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

This week was so lovely!  The weekend was so busy and full of such great community!

I headed down to my city's "First Friday" at one of the art districts, there was a Cinco De Mayo party, cupcakes to be made for my pastor's son's 13th birthday, brunch to attend and that was just the weekend!

Again, it is always so fun for me to look back at the pictures that I have taken and posted to Instagram in a week to remind myself of everything that happened!

On Friday my co-workers and I headed to Noodles and Company for what ended up being a LONG lunch, the drink machine was amazing!

I spent a bit of time on my own before heading down to first Friday.  I armed myself with my journal, my nook and a nice cup of tea.

Livin' in a hipsters paradise.  My friend and I had so much fun hanging out at First Friday, we know we'll be going back in June!  We saw an amazing wall of doors, we ate from a delicious food truck and we saw Brazilian Martial Arts Dancing (then we left the art district and got ourselves some ice cream, who can say no to ice cream made with beer?)

Every good Cinco de Mayo party calls for some sangria, right?  Ok, well maybe not but I made some any (recipe coming in June).  I kind of love sangria :)

To make up for the non-Mexican-ness of my sangria I showed up at the party with a platter of these guys, Mexican chocolate mini-bundts!  Mini-bundts are my new favorite thing, they're so adorable and tiny!  I'm still working on getting the frosting situation just right but I'm always up for a challenge.

Real-life baking.  I always make a huge mess and then have to tote everything around in unattractive carriers from place to place in my car (the box of cupcakes were for my pastor's son's birthday...Mexican chocolate cupcakes and vanilla with salted caramel buttercream cupcakes...yum!)

This was a total hit at the brunch I attended!  We settled on a "Mexican" theme due to Cinco de Mayo and so I made a tres leches baked French toast with a banana caramel sauce.  I was worried it would be too sweet but it was just right! (Recipe coming in June!)

When I don't go to the grocery store I force myself to be creative.  I was going to make orange bundts with some sort of raspberry topping, but I didn't have any sour cream so I subbed in apple sauce.  I ended up with an apple orange mini-bundt with brown sugar cream cheese frosting and raspberry orange glaze.   I heard good things about them :)

More solo time, me, a park bench, a cup of iced coffee and my nook (not pictured).

My church is unique.  We meet on Tuesday nights and we meet at a concert venue.  This week I was on "bartender" duty (no alcohol was served) which meant that I was behind the bar for the worship portion of the night.  Ever sang worship from behind a bar, give it a try some time :)

Mini golf!  I took the girl that I mentor mini golfing, she had never been before.  It was so fun to watch her get so excited about the little dorky things that us adults are so jaded by.

A "beauty" shot of the completed sangria, posted a few days later.  Wish I was drinking some right now.  (Again I REALLY love sangria!)

Well there you have it.  Another week down and another look behind the scenes of my "glamorous" life.




  1. i would like to vouch for how ridiculously delicious those mini bundt cakes were. there was just a hint of orange! It was AMAZING & i will happily taste test for you any other time :)

  2. Ah thanks! For being such a random recipe I'm happy it turned out well! I might just post a recipe sometime in June :)


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