Friday, June 1, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

Wow! What a week! There has been so much happening.

I got the keys to my first EVER apartment and I bought a car (guess that makes me an adult?)

It's pretty insane. I had the week off of wok so there were lots of work out pants and tank tops. There was a lot of eating, lounging, packing and MOVING!

It was insane!


I love that food trucks are blowing up in Denver! I got this delicious pizza at a food truck party, it was so delicious! And there was so much else going on, so fun!


Living in Colorado, there is so much great beer! I decided that this summer I'm going to embrace it, so me and a friend headed down to the Breckenridge Brewery and enjoyed a few drinks.


I wasn't always lazy, I did get dressed once or twice.


My friend is a bartender at Chili's, he makes me yummy drinks.  I went and hung out there for a while to read my book (I still have another 350ish pages to pound through by Thursday...sigh).


Here's the EMPTY apartment!  I just went over and hung out for a bit while it was empty, because it's mine and I could.  It was pretty fun :)

Here's my car!  A 1999 Subaru, so excited about it!



I have some idea of what the organization of my kitchen will be, so I put my dishes away.  This is my favorite cabinet :)


Brunch!  I love chocolate chip pancakes and I love good time with friends.


So if you ever come to Denver, it's a requirement to go to Casa Bonita, and it's not because of the food (beware of the food).  The experience is ridiculous!  Especially if you go with my friend Dan, he makes this experience so amazing (margaritas are also helpful :))


Look, I got dressed again!


Thrift find!  I kind of love this thing.  I want to put glasses and bottles on the bottom and then have the top be a "mail station" since it's right by the front door.  We'll see how it works.


I bought this jar at IKEA and am using it to store my many cupcake liners (idea from Pinterest).


I have a friend who is opening a small, consignment boutique and I went over to help her out.  I got to use a price gun, it was great!


Does your city have something like this?  It's called Canvas and Cocktails and you go to this place and they teach you how to paint, and you get to drink wine!  We were doing a take on a "Denver Starry Night."  Great fun.

So there we have it.  My week has been filled with fun, stress, craziness and a potential lack of hygiene (TMI?  Sorry about that, my bathroom is a little unorganized, I fully intend on shower tonight!).




  1. You're making me hungry! Ah! Those trucks look like so much fun! Wish they had something like that in either my current town or my hometown. But alas, they are crazy boring! Sounds like your new home is working out swell! :)

  2. Ah sorry for making you so hungry! I love my food trucks and I love my town! Where do you live? I'm sure there's awesome stuff there'

  3. Hahaha, I wish! I live in a super residential, sleepy small town. Nearly 100% white middle class people who think they are upper class and way more awesome than they really are, lol! Make me laugh, but definitely not the place to be...Looking to move to a bigger city where you don't have to hop in a car for 10 minutes to get somewhere....I love to walk or ride my bike places and that is just not feasible in my hometown.

  4. That's a bummer! Good luck with your move! If you decide against Florida, Denver is a great place to live!

  5. Just wanted to post and say nice webpage, great to read from people who know this area.


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