Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Whimsical Wednesday-Week 7

Happy week 7!  Let me start off by saying that I'm super excited that I've made it this far and thank you all for being so encouraging of the blog!  Loving it!

Now on to the task at hand, our dads!  Father's day is this Sunday!  Do you have any big plans for your dad yet?

Well if you don't have anything lined up than scroll through some ideas I've gathered this week. (And if you are an overachiever who has everything together already just do it anyway, you may be missing something ;)).

This is a great card that I'm sure any dad would love to get! (Click link for a printable!)

My dad never really wore ties much, but these little gift bags are just so darling!

There wasn't a link for this picture, but it was just SO adorable that I couldn't pass it up.

Handprints are so meaningful, and this little tree of life/family tree is so personal and "hand" made, too cute.

A tie wreath!  Who knew.  Such a clever idea (not sure if dads would actually love this but it's fun none-the-less).

If your dad has a sweet tooth, this is probably the way to go.  Simple, funny and tasty.  Totes a winner.

If your dad never gets control, just give it to him, let him have it for just ONE day!

My dad rocks.  This present is handmade, cheap and PUNNY!  Just do it, every dad could use a punny paperweight, right?

To be totally honest, my dad would likely prefer spending the day with his three daughers playing Frisbee, or really just doing anything, maybe making dinner together and just laughing and being a family.  However, we like to give him stuff so it's almost nice to do something simple yet awesome!

Make sure to wish that special man (biological or honorary) a happy day on Sunday!



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  1. CUTE ideas! I especially like the gift bags and the "tree of life" idea :)

  2. If I was still a child I would definitely make the "tree of life" idea for my dad, however it doesn't have the same appeal coming from a 22 year old ha!

  3. such cute ideas, thanks for sharing!!

  4. You are so welcome! Thanks for visiting my little corner!


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