Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday School-Triple Berry and Citrus Sangria

Ah, sangria.

I have recently entered into a love affair with Sangria.  Who knew that throwing some fruit into some low quality wine would make such a delicious beverage!  Oh, and a touch of vodka never hurt anyone either :)

Sangria is quite possibly the easiest drink to make, and you can totally make it in advance and it just gets better!  Perfect party plan.

So let's get to some sangria making so we can get to sangria drinking!

Triple Berry and Citrus Sangria

serves 8-12 (depending on the size of glass)

3 limes

1 orange

1 pound strawberries

1/2 pound raspberries

1/2 pound blackberries

2 bottles of cheap red wine

1 shooter raspberry vodka

1 shooter strawberry vodka

1 shooter orange vodka

1 bottle sparkling water (not pictured, I used Perrier)

So despite the long list of ingredients this is super simple.  Here's what you do.

Slice the citrus into wedges (make sure to remove ends).  Add to a large pitcher.

Quarter the strawberries and add to the pitcher.

Pour the raspberries and blackberries into the pitcher.

Open the wine and pour it over the fruit.  Then add each shooter.  Stir gently, try to leave the fruit in tact.

Let sit for at least an hour in the fridge.  Just before serving add the sparkling water.  Serve over ice.

Enjoy! (and be careful)

Have a wonderful Sunday!



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