Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday School-Lemon Honey Strawberries

Sorry this is so late! I've been such a slacker recently!  I really enjoy being here and sharing recipes with you, so I made sure to get on here today, and share this little snack with you!

This recipe is great on ice cream, or plain, and it takes simply minutes to make!  It's so fabulous! 

The only time consuming part is just cutting up all the strawberries and squeezing the lemons, but that's just fun!

So here we go!

Lemon Honey Strawberries
Juice from 5 lemons
1/4 cup honey
16 oz strawberries

(Yes, that's it).  Juice the five lemons into a medium sauce pan and add the honey.  Bring it a boil and allow to boil for about 2 minutes.

Pour the syrup over the strawberries and refrigerate for about an hour.

Scoop the strawberries over the top ice cream, or just eat with a spoon!  





  1. Yum!! I love strawberries and have been eating them on top of my cereal lately :)

    1. My roommate and I will just sit and eat strawberries out of the container while watching TV or sitting on the floor planning adventures! They're so delicious and the lemon and honey just make them better!


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