Thursday, August 23, 2012

If You Really Knew Me

If you browse blog-land at all then I'm sure you've seen this trend of these "if you really knew me posts."

It's fun to see some real life stuff about people, and it got me thinking, I don't share that much about myself with all you lovlies.

So, I'm going to go ahead and join the madness!  I think it's important that all of you get a little bit more about me, not always just the formulated, planned posts :)

If you really knew me you would know that...
I always start projects when I don't really have enough time accomplish them, or when it's just silly.  For instance, I got risers for me bed and was trying to set them up on my own at 12:30 AM (sorry downstairs neighbors).  This was of course after showering and putting my close away, after making 60 cupcakes, I should have been sleeping, but the motivation hits at really weird times in my life.

I sometimes act way more confident then I actually am, I second guess a lot of what I say when I get home.

I LOVE thrift stores.  When I "need" new clothes, thrift stores are my first stop.

I love to bake for people, I don't love when people expect me to bake for them.

Along with the above statement, I LOVE baking, but I'm not really sure I would actually want to open a bakery, I like to do what I love simply because I love it.

Someday I would love to produce documentaries all over the world, telling stories of people who's stories never get told.

I'm really good at being friendly, and I love to hang out with people, I have a really hard time building deep relationships with people.

I found my current career on accident, and I love it.  I was browsing through degree programs at my school when I got fed up with mine and found Broadcast Production, haven't looked back since (I have no idea what I would be doing outside of this!)

I am incredibly forgetful.  I usually know where my keys are but I always forget to bring things with me, put things away, etc.

I don't usually believe that my cupcakes are delicious.  More often than not I don't even have one cause I know I'll just be disappointed.  I guess I just feel like I could have always done better.

So there you have it!  What are some things that I don't know about you?



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  1. I am the SAME way with projects! I always want to clean or organize or create something late at night when my kids are sleeping and it would be super inconvenient. But you can't help when creativity strikes, right?! :) Thanks for sharing, it was nice to read more about you.


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