Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Budget With Me Wednesday-Week 4

Happy Wednesday Lovelies!

This week has been an interesting one, not in a bad way per-say but not in a good way either.  I haven't been splurging, but I haven't been saving.  I've been sticking with my 10 dollars a day, but not doing as well with my other rules.

For instance...

-I ordered two subscription boxes this month
-I bought some adorable accessories during some sales
-I took out cash for groceries but still put some stuff on my debit card
-I stopped emailing TheBirdy

Sigh.  Baby steps right?  I'm doing A LOT better than I used to be, but still not perfect, but who needs perfection!  (When it comes to money it would be a VERY good thing).

The end of the story is that I still have money left in my account and I'm two days away from payday.  Usually at this point I'm stuck in a "a crap I have no money for the next two days so I won't buy anything, until I decide to buy everything on pay day" mode, but I'm not doing that.  I went and made my car payment and didn't freak out and keep my fingers crossed that the money was there, because I KNEW the money was there.

It's great.  It's a lot better.  That's why the cash aspect of this is SO important to my plan, I can cheat a little bit with cash, but it's a lot harder to spend cash you don't have than to make purchases on your debit card with money that you don't have (or replace debit card with credit that's bad!).

In other news, am I missing a secret to budgeting for gas, or is it just not possible?




  1. Newest GFC follower from the hop. Love for you to return the follow when you can. Stop by and link up to facebook hop if you'd like. Hope to see you!

  2. We have a budget for gas for the month, but my husband is a numbers guy so he spent the time to figure out what we spend on average for gas in a month. It's disgustingly high because we live in a small town, so we have to drive everywhere for anything. We cut back on our fuel cost by taking the car, which is more efficient, if we're going somewhere and to combine trips. So I try to plan my trips with multiple errands or wait on things until I have a reason to drive into town.

    Not super helpful but know that gas budgets are the hardest! =) Especially when gas prices change so often!

    1. Yeah I never seems to work cause I drive to different places all the time, gas prices change, etc. Thanks for letting me know it's hard for all of us!

  3. Love your Budgeting ideas.. and I totally agree with you when all you have is cash you tend to spend less! Great strategy.. Your recipes look awesome and I can't wait to see what else you share.. I am your newest follower~
    Thanks for joining in the Under 300 followers blog hop!
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I was just admiring your blog!


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