Friday, November 1, 2013

No Spend November Link Up!

No Spend November

Today marks the first day of No Spend November, so I certainly hope that you have your done your grocery shopping, grabbed that adorable shirt that you had been contemplating buying and just generally prepared your self for this grand adventure we are about to take.

One quick little caveat, I'm adding a cheat day for myself.  There is a food truck that comes to my office every Tuesday, and in the name of supporting local business, I will continue eating there on Tuesdays for lunch, but that's it.  Outside of that there will no more eating out (there will however be lots of stops at the grocery store...)

I'm excited for this!  It's always fun to challenge your self, and for me I find that it's easier to give something up cold turkey than to try to moderate myself against it.  Once I say "no more eating out except for the food truck on Tuesdays" then that's that, no more eating out except for that food truck on Tuesdays.

(If you're local to Denver, you should try to hunt down Mike's 2 Kitchen, it's pretty stinking delicious, definitely worth the cheat day.)

So let's get going!  Link up to tell us what you're giving up November! We're so happy you're here!


  1. Good luck! I think that I'll have to call a little excursion to the only H&M in my state a cheat day too! I just will have to make sure I don't go crazy. Who knows, maybe I'll buy mostly Christmas gifts while I'm there!

    1. I think that's legit, I mean if it's something you can't get to everyday I totally understand, also H&M is awesome!


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