Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Going back

Going to the gym in and of itself is really nothing to be all that proud of, although some would argue that every step you take should be celebrated, no matter how small.

But this week when I went back to the gym, it was worth celebrating.  You see, I hadn't gone for the past couple of weeks, which sucks.  I felt different, I was losing confidence, didn't really care as much.  I missed the soreness that I had become so accustomed to.  I let life get in the way, and that's allowed.  (There was also some mild illness involved, I allowed my body to recover.)

The important part of this story, however, is not the excuse that I found day after day or the illness that sidelined me, no the important part of the story is what happened this week.


This is just barely short of a miracle.  You see I'm oh-so-good at going to gym, until I'm not.  I'll go months and hardly miss a day and then all of a sudden I get sick, or I have to work late, or my friend needs help moving, so I miss one day.  And I'm bad about allowing flexibility, so one day turns into two and then it's been months since I've made it to the gym.

But now, after a short, understandable two weeks, I made it back.  And I made it back because I found a workout that I LOVE.  And, on my first day back, I squatted my max weight THREE TIMES (which really just means that now I have to increase my squat weight which I have a love hate relationship with because I HATE SQUATS but that's really neither here nor there.)

So here's to finding something that you love.  Here's to being motivated and having a desire to be healthy.  Here's to exercise providing joy and confidence.  I hope that you can find something healthy for you that you love too.

If you're a woman and have tireless pounded on the treadmill with no desire behind it, I would highly encourage you to branch out and try lifting.

If you've never stepped foot inside a gym but would love to do something that energizes you and boost your confidence, I would suggest weight lifting.

Seriously people, it's awesome.

That is all.


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