Thursday, October 17, 2013

You Look Great

Last night a friend of a friends told me "you look great, you've lost so much weight!"  This is likely a true statement, I've been lifting, gaining a lot of muscle, muscle increases my metabolism.  The thing is though, that I haven't been getting on a scale weekly.  

You see, I was pretty content with my body, it wasn't perfect but I liked it.  I started lifting because I wanted to be healthier, to feel better.  I still eat pretty much whatever I want, for the most part I try to be good, but that doesn't stop me from having the occasional cheeseburger, with fries, and likely bacon. 

I know that when people comment on how much weight you've lost they're trying to be kind, to be encouraging, and I'm not upset with this acquaintance of mine.  It can be encouraging to hear that.  Here's the deal though, here's what really weighs on my heart.  Do we really have be "skinny" or "thin" to look great? 

I spent a lot of time hating myself.  I hated myself for how fat I was, how I couldn't hold a conversation (not a true statement), how I said such awkward things.  None of this was worth my time.  I eventually realized that, I gained confidence.  I would throw on a pair of heels and stomp around in them like nobody's business.  I was getting to know myself and I decided that I was a pretty cool person. (Fun fact, it helps to have friends around who love you, and don't knock you down all the time.) 

So all of that to say, I don't think I have to be skinny to look great.  I don't mind that one of the affects of lifting is losing a little weight, but it's not really the main goal here.  The main goal is the be strong, gain confidence, get healthy.  Next time you have a friend who has been losing weight, just stop at "you look great."  The weight doesn't matter, it's probably just a new found confidence shining through.



  1. I was just thinking to myself, "I kind of hate the fact that I like half the outfits on pinterest because they're hanging off of a skinny frame." we need to be kinder to ourselves!


    1. I hear you! We really need to have grace for ourselves and our bodies, we're only trying to do 5 million things in any give day, a few bumps here and there should just be par for the course :)


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