Thursday, October 24, 2013

Introducing: No Spend November!

Instead of celebrating our men's beloved "No Shave November" because let's face it, a woman not shaving can get pretty scary, November is officially "No Spend November."

Don't worry, we're not taking away all your freedom to spend.

The idea is to just work on one area of your spending.

So, select your area (mine is eating out) and stop your spending for 30 days.
No Spend November
And it's okay, because a few other people are going to be doing it with you. Your hosts Paige from A Dose of Paige, Heather from The Life Unexpected, Olivia from The Lovely Sisters, and Kenya from My Pending Life (and of course me!) are doing this all right along with you!

So how does it go down? It's pretty simple.

On November 1st, come to one of our blogs and link up a post about what you're not spending money on in November. It could be anything from not eating out to not buying anymore books. Tell us why you're not spending money on it and tell us what you're going to do when you're tempted to go spend the money. Like, when I'm tempted to go shopping, I'll go play with my dog instead.

Then, stop your spending, unless it's a necessity. Like, if you start a new job and need a new uniform, but you're not spending money on clothes, obviously, buy your uniform. I promise we won't come after you with pitchforks.

On November 15th, come and link up a post on how you're doing. Maybe you're doing fantastic and want to brag about all the money you saved or maybe you're really struggling, maybe even went out and bought a few things/spent money on something and need some encouragement. Either way, we want to hear about it!

Finally, on November 30th, come back one more time and tell us what your experience was. Maybe it was awful and you hated it, even with all the money you saved. Or maybe you're super excited and realized you don't need the thing you stopped spending money on anyway, you love all the money you saved. Maybe you've realized that you can't possibly ever go without the thing you stopped spending money on or maybe it opened up your eyes.

Even if you stop partway through, please link up and share your experience on November 30th!

Whew, that was alot I know but I wanted to make sure you had all the details.
So tell me, are you coming back on November 1st and participating?! Sound off in the comments about what you're not going to spend money on!

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